We all define ourselves what we want from sex. Sincerity in relationship is very important thing, especially when discussing about our sexual desires. As a couple sharing the sexual act, maybe with more than one person, all that happens before, after and during the sexual act is an immense experience.

Sexuality is essential part of being a human being through our whole life. During the travel we find and recognize our own limits, desires and wishes. Sex is the thing which gives vibes to our life and it is very much part of our persona. In all the ages there have been rules, regulations and norms for human sexuality, which is good and which is forbidden. Those things, however, have been changing from time to time.

Sex and making love includes many things like tenderness, touching, kissing and penetration. These things mark different things to different people. Sometimes in relationship may become feeling that holding up the erotic tension is difficult. Sexual interest may direct also to other than just one’s own spouse. Many also want change in their life so also changing partners and having sex with more than one may interest them. It is thus quite normal to want also somebody else than just one’s own spouse.

Swinging may work as a restorative and lessen itch to cheat ones partner. Shared fantasy has been experienced together and can be added to be a part of one’s sexual experiences as a couple. Shared fantasy may as well bring some new dimensions to relationship. At event like this you will meet a lot of variations in sexual orientations and that´s why it´s very important to discuss about your desires before any action.

About us:

We are swinging couple with over ten year’s experience. We are nice and outgoing couple with nickname  
MeVillit (We Wild) Ira and Jukkis. In our vacations we explore clubs and we can offer also to you cozy high class ground in this sector. From the fall 2007 we have organized events and met people from around the Finland and whole world. Our quests are all aged, very pleasant and different people. The feedback is usually positive and our quest has told that the atmosphere of our events is erotic, permissive and humorousness.

600 square meters clean, private club luxus premise, have been furnished pleasantly by coloring and lightning. To big Jacuzzi and sauna fits many quests at time. You can dance at dance floor and different playground is more than enough. From bar you will get some snack and coffee.

Different options:

*Swinger events
*Pervpark Kinky/Fetish events www.pervpark.fi
*Renting mansion to private use of couples or small groups
*Photographing option
*Bachelor parties and fests

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