Good behavior is naturally part of the evening of all of us. We are all different and let´s respect that. So the evening would be as nice as possible to everybody, we have made these instructions. There are always some new people in our events, so let’s pay attention to the comfort of everybody. Our evenings are much liked because of the atmosphere and feeling. You may just watch or be with your couple. There is no coercion to anything. You may familiarize with interesting people just the way you like by talking or more intimately. For some couples action in smaller groups and some want to be part of bigger group.

Ask permission:

Before participating to any activity you have to ask permission from all the participants. If somebody is not capable to follow regulations they may be removed from evening. Discuss courageously about your liking and get to know each other. Using the word no is totally acceptable to everybody and no one should feel offended because of it. We all have become turned down some times.

Safe word:

To make sure everyone feels comfortable we have implemented common safe word, which is “PUNAINEN and RED”. Your welcome to use this if you feel you are harassed or feel threatened, uncomfortable in the situation. If this happens, please yell the safe word. We are hoping that the other guest intervenes in this scenario and close block the passage to the room. After this staff is called to the situation and Ira shall review the incident. Reason for this, that afterwards it is impossible to intervene and fix bad behavior and in worst case it has ruined many people’s evening.

Bad behavior will get you BANNED from Wildclub! This is enforced, and we have zero tolerance for harassment. This is not difficult all you need to do is be polite, and ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION before participating!

Following instructions:

We hope that you inform us immediately about the possible bad behavior (begging, participating without permission etc.) to Hostess Ira. It is difficult to intervene afterward by phone and emails who did and what and in which event. If we intervene immediately to situation during the evening we have best possibilities to clear out the situation. We hope that you may give us feedback about our reserve guys in evening.


Many of our quests want to keep this side of their life as a secret. Evening is private and we have made an agreement that we keep our mouths shut and do not write to social media who visits in our events. If you wish to be totally anonymous you may also use mask. When you meet people in the evening you are all very much in same situation.

In our evening you may:

  • Watch, chat, dance and enjoy erotic atmosphere
  • Experience difference variations of sex like sex with one’s own couple or sex when others in same room
  • Changing couples with other couple
  • Threesome sex
  • Group sex in bigger groups
  • Agreed sex with others than one’s own couple.
  • Bi/Lesbian/Gay experiences

    You will see more terms from our glossary.

Single men:

Only welcome during the gang-bang evenings.


Our staff consists of nice persons who are here for you. You will recognize them of their name tag on chest.


In our evening we dress to scanty clothes and we have decided that long trousers and shirts like outdoor shoes we leave to lobby. Erotic dressing is advisable and everybody decide themselves how they wish to dress up. Outfit may be undergarment, imaginable, erotic, role costume, and your favorite material, even very bold.... For female there are more options like underwear, corset, socks, skirt, dress, fetish materials etc.. For men the dressing has usually been t-shirt and boxers stylish. You should not stress about dressing. You can also change outfit during the evening.

Storing belongings:

Leave your expensive property to home or car. We have little safety boxes to your items. Take just little stuff with you and you will get them to same box with your companion. Plastic back is for shoes. The key of the locker you may put to your wrist with elastic band and take good care of it. We have only single pieces of the keys. Remember to leave the key to the locker door before leaving. Those of you who smoke cigarettes may leave your jacket to rack and we borrow you smoking slippers.

Lost and found items:

The lost and found items are in gray box at indoor terrace. We hold them for six months from the evening. At May and at October we carry them all and deliver to local UFF store.


It is not allowed to use camera or cellphone. Sometimes we have photographer who takes photos in certain room. We don´t record any video material from the evening.


You may dance at hall and in some rooms will ring some emotional music. Sometimes we have also some questing performers at evenings. Frequently we have some theme at our evening, but those do not limit dressing or activities during the evening.


Our environment is clean and we clean our mansion before and after every event. Please, put your used condoms and mugs to trashcan for the comfort of other quests. For genital wash we have showers at sauna department. For washing hands we have soap, disinfector and towel in every toilet.

Safe sex and squirting:

We offer you condoms by house recommend all to practice safe sex. If you are man who is allergic to rubber or have bigger equipment, you should take your own condoms with you. There is clear box in every room and there is safety equipment’s like plastic bags for licking, condoms, cloves, lubricant, disinfector to clean the environment and paper. Squirting are is in the divan at Sauna area, so all the seats stay dry and clean and nobody have to go to wet bed.

Food and beverage:

We hope everybody to be able to control their own drinking. We have no license to serve alcohol at Wildclub so take your own beverages with you in plastic bottles or beverage can. We drink alcohol only in bar area. We have fritz where you can storage your own drinks. By house we offer some non-alcohol drinks and snack at bar. Smoking should be done at indoor terrace. Our evenings are drug free.


Big Sauna and Jacuzzi for 5 personnel are waiting you. Towels you get in change for your name from cloakroom. To go to sauna and Jacuzzi it is highly recommended to through shower. Our quests have made a wish that nobody should have sex in Jacuzzi.


Most of the mansion rooms are in use for many couples at same time. Our popular Mirror room has a door which you can close and there you may have thirty minutes private time. In downstairs we also have a closeable Gloryhole (there is a hole in the door and male can put their penis in there). For socializing and dancing the middle hall is best and also the bar (where eating and drinking happens). At downstairs we have a big group room and also some smaller rooms for the use of our quests. In good weather terraces are also in use. Different equipment’s allow the use of imagination in session.

Entry and Fees:

By your first name or nickname we put you to our list. You can make reservation also for your partner. Fee is 60 euros for person and it should be paid by cash at the indoor when you arrive. We open the doors 8 pm. And close the Club 3 am. People have made the wish that all the quests would arrive at same time when we open. If you can´t arrive, please let us not that you are not coming.


Wildclub is located the area of Uusimaa, by Kehä III and about 25 kilometers from Helsinki railway station. You can arrive by train from Helsinki railway station to Kauklahti station. (U-Train) From Kauklahti station can be found taxi station and take cab from there. 

Note: We send info letter before party where can be found as attachment instruction of address and how to get here!


Different accommodation possibilities may be found several from the nearby area of club. We have no accommodation possibility.

Renting and Photographing:

Mansion is great place for one’s private erotic moments of couples. Wildclub has made many couples to arrive once and once again even from distance, and no wonder. It is also possible to arrange photographing and video shooting thorough us. We rent studio for couples at weekdays after 8pm. And some weekends 12pm.-6pm. Price is 100 euros for an hour for couple.


Our events have been very much liked and feedback is very important to us because we want to develop our events. Remember this: You build as a group the great parties and we offer you the best possible environment! Feedback discussion should be arranged without third persons or Internet forums straight with organizer. Development ideas, program idea etc...We take with pleasure.

Contact information:

Phone: +358(0)440-555602

Email: bileet (ät)