New people are always welcome to our events. Here´s instruction how you can get to our invitation list and into the evenings.

Please do the following:

  1. Please go thru the pages. Read it thru carefully to make sure this if this is for you..

  2. Join the invitation list (newsletter)

  3. Coming to party:

A) Couples and women, when you are certain that you are coming. Send SMS with your "name" and how many coming to party. (include female/male) and your welcome. (NOTE: We only send SMS back if the evening is full, otherwise we don't confirm)

B) We arrange 2 times a year a gang-bang evening where single men are welcome. These can be found in party calendar.

For men:

Important to understand while participating in the gang-bang party.

Because group sex is not the same thing as making love in the warmth of your own bed there are a different rules for it too. You have to be considerate towards the women and pairs during the evening.
Especially women like to get small favors from you. To be more precise you can serve drinks to women, show the house for couples and ask them to join you for the Jacuzzi.

I wish that you make politely acquaintance with all the quests both couples and single women.

Do not join the group without asking for permission first from all the participants of the group. It is highly important to note that nobody likes when somebody just hits to the situation without asking permission first. So, first ask permission and then act when you only when you get one.

Some of the quests like to enjoy each other in private but at large looking and enjoying the atmosphere is allowed as long as you ask for permission before looking close or masturbating. Note also that creaming a sperm over people while masturbating is not appropriate manner and if you are true gentleman you may also ask permission for watching and masturbating.

To make sure everyone feels comfortable and know the limits we have implemented common safe word, which is “punainen and red”. Your welcome to use this if you feel you are harassed or feel threatened, uncomfortable in the situation. If this happens, please yell the safe word. We are hoping that the other guest intervenes in this scenario and close block the passage to the room. After this staff is called to the situation and Ira shall review the incident. Reason for this, that afterwards it is impossible to intervene and fix bad behavior and in worst case it has ruined many people’s evening.

Bad behavior will get you BANNED from Wildclub! This is enforced, and we have zero tolerance for harassment. This is not difficult all you need to do is be polite, and always ask permission before participating!

Additional information:


Wildclub is located the area of Uusimaa, by Kehä III and about 25 kilometers from Helsinki railway station. You can arrive by train from Helsinki railway station to Kauklahti station. (U-Train) From Kauklahti station can be found taxi station and take cab from there. If arriving by car, please leave your car to the Kaulahti train station, since there is limited parking places. (Kauklahti)


We have parking available at the club for single women and couples, if you want to come with your own car. 

Tickets and Opening hours

We open doors at 20.00 and evening ends at 03.00. Price is 60€ per person. (no bank/credit cards)

Contact information:

Phone: +358 (0)440-555602
Email: bileet (ät)