Please do the following:

  1. Please go thru the pages. Read it thru carefully to make sure this if this is for you..

  2. Join the invitation list (newsletter)

  3. Coming to party:

A) Couples and women, when you are certain that you are coming. Send SMS with your "name" and your welcome. (NOTE: We only send SMS back if the evening is full, otherwise we don't confirm)

B) We arrange 2 times a year evening where single men are welcome. They are Gang-Bang nights and you can see dates from our website.

Additional information:

How to get here?

Driving instructions are sent with monthly newsletter and we also organize group taxi from Helsinki railway station)

Tickets and Opening hours

We open doors at 20.00 and evening ends at 03.00. Price is 50€ per person. (no bank/credit cards)

Contact information:

Phone: +358 (0)440-555602
Email: bileet (at)