Q: How to prepare to evening?

A: Your good mood catches people easily, so flirt ;) Be brave to talk with others already in first evening and go to talk and familiarize yourself. Some of our quests are first timers and new people are always highly welcome. We don´t have any closed clicks in our parties.

Q: What happens during the parties?

A: Every evening is different. Don´t be afraid of the theme and think it would be some kind of absolute for dressing or else. You have possibility to dance, watch films, and go to sauna. You can go to smaller room with just two of you or socialize in bigger groups. We also offer some snacks and non-alcohol beverage

Q: What kind are we Finns in this kind of evenings?

A: I suppose many of you have been in foreign clubs. It is quite normal to watch what is going on for start, but after getting to action we are definitely not shy. People are sophisticated by their manners and quests are usually smart and not too drunk. There is many kind of quests in our evenings and you tell and give of yourself exactly what you want.

Q: How much there will be people

A: Some evenings have been bigger and some smaller. Evening will take its place no matter how many are coming and sometimes less is more. ;) We have had nice evening with big amount of quests and with smaller.

Q: What is the age of quests?

A: Sex is common thing for all adults and our quests are tolerant people for different aged people. For all of us will be same aged company. It is useless to wonder are you too young or old to evening, because we have had quests between 18 and 60 years of age.

Q: What about Gender?

A: There will be mostly couples but nowadays also some single women. Single men can come only in the gang-bang evenings. There will be 2 parties in the year. Please check the party calendar for more details. 

Q: Is there possibility to paid sex?

A: Our quests are there because of their own wish and pleasure. We have no paid sex in our evenings and we don´t offer that kind of service

Q: Coming Gang-Bang as a single man, what now?

A: Please remember to behave in a brave and gentlemanly manner and there is a change that you'll be invited again. Also if you are not punctual or fail to show then you lose the privilege to be part of the evening in the future.

The places for reserve men are very popular but I try to take care that everyone interested gets a change to act as one. You could be invited by our guests as a third to our party. In case like that you have to stay with the couple you are with, so nobody will get any reason to complain about it. Our evenings are for quests so many like to keep things between couples and groups only.

Because group sex is not the same thing as making love in the warmth of your own bed there are a different rules for it too. You have to be considerate towards the women and pairs during the evening.
Especially women like to get small favors from you. To be more precise you can serve drinks to women, show the house for couples and ask them to join you for the Jacuzzi.

I wish that you make politely acquaintance with all the quests both couples and single women.

Do not join the group without asking for permission first from all the participants of the group. It is highly important to note that nobody likes when somebody just hits to the situation without asking permission first. So, first ask permission and then act when you only when you get one.

Some of the quests like to enjoy each other in private but at large looking and enjoying the atmosphere is allowed as long as you ask for permission before looking close or masturbating. Note also that creaming a sperm over people while masturbating is not appropriate manner and if you are true gentleman you may also ask permission for watching and masturbating.

To make sure everyone feels comfortable and know the limits we have implemented common safe word, which is “punainen and red”. Your welcome to use this if you feel you are harassed or feel threatened, uncomfortable in the situation. If this happens, please yell the safe word. We are hoping that the other guest intervenes in this scenario and close block the passage to the room. After this staff is called to the situation and Ira shall review the incident. Reason for this, that afterwards it is impossible to intervene and fix bad behavior and in worst case it has ruined many people’s evening.

Bad behavior will get you BANNED from Wildclub! This is enforced, and we have zero tolerance for harassment. This is not difficult all you need to do is be polite, and always ask permission before participating!