Explore your sexuality and fulfill your fantasies without boundaries...
The mood of the mansion works in mysterious way's and opens your inhibitions...
All the sex toys you need and custom hand-made Finnish kinky equipment and devices designed for your pleasure.
Several rooms with different themes and athmosphere.
Wildclub has over 600 square meters in 3 floors equipped to fulfill your fantasies.
Private mansion for open minded people!

Private mansion for open minded people!

We organize erotic evenings, gang-bang parties and BDSM, kinky & fetish parties for couples and singles. Please check read this, how to get into the party!

Our evenings are private and are accessible via invitation only!

You may get your invitation based on email, telephone conversation, meeting from before or through recommendations.

The premises are based on fabulous mansion with 600 square meters in 3 floors. Wildclub has different kinds of rooms, which all have been equipped with pleasant atmosphere, coloring and lighting. For dancing we have spacious hall. In hall also happens night's shows.You can get acquainted to interesting people as couple in your own way, talking or in more intimate way. You may also just watch the situations.

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